Datalogic DS6300

The high performance DS6300 industrial laser bar code scanner presents the new Step-a-Head™ feature with a reading range from 250 to 2.000 mm.The DS6300 features an advanced decoder with code reconstruction capability (ACR4).

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The Datalogic DS6300 is a high performance laser scanner suitable for warehousing and automatic sorting systems. The DS6300 is characterized by excellent reading performance at greater distances from the Dynamic laser optics.

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These IP65 industrial scanner has ACR4 code reconstruction. Skew for additional codes can still be reconstructed, and be read out.

There are a number of models available for various applications and environment include direct Ethernet model with oscillating mirror, Omnidirectional model and track pack for measuring volumes and speeds. Through shock-absorbing brackets this scanner can be used to include trucks and moving arms machines.

Scanner is equipped with a built-in display and keyboard. The DS6 series are connected to corresponding CBX connection boxes.

This can be selected. Ethernet, Profibus and several bus s ystemen Standard output is RS232 and RS485.

Applicable for:

- Conveyor (sort job) systems
- Automatic picking systems
- Pallet reading systems
- Forklift automatic scanning
- Process control
- Automatic identification of machines
- High speed document reading
- Organic chemical machinery
- Pharmaceutical analysis machines
- Food industry, bottles, jars, cans
- Automotive, Electronics Industry

Main technical specifications:

- Scanning speed up to 1200 scans / second
- Read distances of 30 to 2000 MM
- Multi-focus setting by means step ahead
- Readable display
- Resolution 0.20 MM (8 Mills) to 20 Mills
- 10-30 Volt, IP64
- IO. 4 inputs and 3 outputs, opto-coupled
- RS232 + RS485

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