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EATON | Cutler-Hammer ELC modular compact rack PLC

The ELC is a compact PLC from EATON Cutler-Hammer with great potential. The PLC features that you expect in a large PLC - for example: standard 2 or more communication ports, remote I / O, data storage, high speed counters, high speed pulse ...

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The ELC is a compact PLC EATON Cutler-Hammer with great potential. Just look for the following features:

Size - as big as a pack sigarets.

Flexible - with one controller, you can control counts from 10 I / O to larger, up to 512 I / O. There is no need to puzzle with the ELC, you must make your application because you can easily add or remove modules without switching to another controller. There are many ELC modules ranging from 4 inputs / 4 outputs to modules with 8 inputs / 8 outputs. ELC controllers and modules mounted simply on a standard DIN rail and expansion is a matter of clipping on and secure.

PLC Features that you expect in a large PLC - for example: standard 2 or more communication ports, remote I / O, data storage, high speed counters, high speed pulse outputs, interrupts, timers with a resolution of 1ms, PID, plus much more.

Software - the whole line with ELC controllers are programmed with a free software license ELCSoft which runs on your PC or laptop or via a "hand held programmer." This kiunt can easily upload, download and test, but also monitors and printing.

Power of One - communicate easily with equipment from other Eaton without additional interface devices. Communication with EATON protocol, Modbus ASCII protocol or open standard possible. ELCs example naadlooos communicate with EATON or Toshiba inverters and you do not need to wire all kinds of digital and analog signals, and you realize so very compact and intelligent solutions, because you use all the capabilities of today's advanced Frequency inverters. And this saves a lot of time and money OEM. ELCs also communicate with the well-known Eaton IT. I / O set via Modbus or Modbus TCP IP. This makes it ideal for use in an intelligent MCC (Motor Control Center) application. Also connecting to industrial fieldbuses is possible. Consider: DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus TCP or Modbus PowerNet products.

Price - the "Just Right" concept, you pay only for I/O you need!

ELC Controllers
ELC Controllers are available in five versions and are typically between 10 and 28 IO board and also:
- Multiple high speed pulse inputs and outputs on all controllers
- Interrupts, either direct actions exploited the cycle time
- Models with AC or DC inputs, relay or transistor outputs, analog inputs and outputs
- Expandable with additional 0/4-20 mA, 0-10V, Thermocouple, PT100 etc.
- M ore than 240 instructions: Floating point computation, communication, hex, decimal, octal, BCD, ASCII conversion, 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, bit manipulation, logic equations (AND OR etc), block move, block compare , retentive data storage, date, and time-based functions.
- 2 Modbus (ASCII or RTU) serial ports: 1 - slave only, 1 master / slave
- Network communication Modbus TCP, DeviceNet and Profibus.
- ELC controller can also be used as a remote IO

ELC Modules
ELC Digital I / O expansion modules provide the correct number of I / O for your application. Users can choose from 4, 8 or 16 I / O in different combinations of AC or DC inputs and relay or transistor outputs. Any combination is possible up to 256 I / O and the PV type even 512 I / O. Please note that the analog modules are not included in the I / O count! Additionally, you can add another 8 analog expansion modules with 4 or 8 and / or outputs as analog in (0-10 V / 0 (4)-20mA) Analog out (0-10 V / 0 (4)-20mA) , Platinum temperature sensors (PT100/1000) and Thermocouple (J, K, R, S or T).

ELC Communication Modules
The ELC communication modules make it possible to incorporate in a DeviceNet, Modbus TCP IP or Profibus-DP network. ELC controllers It is also possible to build. PV Controller itself a Modbus TCP or DeviceNet network Think of remote I / O, inverters, switches, sensors, SCADA etc.

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