Intesis DALI naar BACnet IP & MS/TP server gateway

Deze DALI server gateway verbind DALI-2 apparaten met een BACnet netwerk. Dit model is geschikt voor 2 DALI kanalen met ieder 64 adressen.

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DALI to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway

Integrate any DALI-2 driver, light sensor, or occupancy sensor with a BACnet BMS or any BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP controller. The aim of this integration is to make DALI devices and its data and resources accessible from a BACnet based control system or device, as if it was a part of the own BACnet system and vice-versa.


  • UL & BTL certified
  • Support for BACnet IP Client
  • BACnet Advanced features available (Trend logs, Calendars, etc.)
  • Support for DALI-2 drivers & input sensors
  • Up to 2 DALI channels with support of 64 addresses each
  • Easy integration & DALI commissioning with Intesis MAPS


INBACDAL0640000  DALI to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway - 64 devices
INBACDAL1280000  DALI to BACnet IP Server Gateway - 128 devices
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